Moses – The Reluctant Leader IV

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Is God calling you to Him today?

The next major incident in Moses’ life is his encounter with God at the burning bush, where God calls Moses to go to Egypt and bring His people out. Moses was now about 80 years old. Moses had fled to the land of Midian, after killing the Egyptian. It was here; in the land of Midian he helped the daughters of Jethro by rescuing them from some bandits. In gratitude, Jethro gave the hand of his daughter Zipporah to Moses, and thus became his father-in-law. Nearly 40 years later, Moses had a face-to-face meeting with God at the burning bush.

Encounters with God change our lives completely. A true encounter will impact our lives in such a way that we will never be the same again. Here are two things we need to look at closely.

The first is that it is never too late to begin doing exploits for God. At 80 years it seems most of us have been retired and have found something very sedentary to do. But not with Moses, or anybody for that matter who has a desire to do something for God.

God is very aware of your life, and just as Moses was led to the ‘backside of the desert’ that day, God will lead you gently by the hand to the place and time that He needs to speak with you face-to-face.

The second powerful fact that comes out of this passage is that there was something so supernatural with the bush that burned, which made Moses want to investigate and come closer to the bush.

Today, God is calling you closer to Him than you have ever been before. Will you come?

If you come, and come willingly, through every challenge you have, God Himself will provide a way forward. Remember Moses had many excuses when God called his name. But God gave Moses an answer and a remedy for each of his questions and inadequacies.

You may find it hard to accept everything that God had spoken to you in the past. But God has all the remedies, the provisions and the power behind His Word and Promises. He will accomplish more than that which you are able to do.

Come, let us trust Him today. Its never too late! God will clear out the clutter and make your path straight to finish that which He has given you to do. When God attracts you, the world cannot keep up to that!


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October 11, 2017 at 10:02 pm

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